Reverse Town Hall

What is a Reverse Town Hall?

The Reverse Town Hall is a space for students to share their experiences, concerns, and voices during the global pandemic. It is a venue to witness our shared struggle and stand in solidarity with each other. It is an opportunity to dismantle the power dynamics of a traditional town hall. Instead of a small group of administrators informing students of events to come and fielding carefully selected questions, students stand in solidarity and share the lived realities associated with administrative decisions. This is also a space to imagine how higher education institutions can respond to the crisis in ethical ways.

Why is this event happening?

Despite both graduate and undergraduate students using every forum possible to call for specific actions from the university to best protect us, the UConn administration has actively pushed us aside. As long as the administration and the Board of Trustees have final say, town halls and other similar forums will be spaces in which UConn leadership can pay us lip-service without any real accountability or shared decision-making. The recent decisions around budget cuts, reopening in the fall, and how to respond to racist violence are emblematic of this issue. We must work towards ending the economic, racial, and gender violence that plagues our university. Therefore, we call for a new system of shared governance. Let us dare to reimagine a university that is truly oriented towards equity and justice.

How can I get involved?

UConn graduate and undergraduate students interested in sharing a testimonial or statement during the event can complete this form:

How can I attend?

All members of the UConn community are invited to join us on July 14, 2:00-3:30pm at the YouTube live-stream link:

By ashleynrobinson

Higher Education scholar practitioner, feminist, social justice educator, and wellness advocate. Disrupting the status quo with radical love (or at least trying to).