Shared UConn is a collective movement of UConn students and workers calling for a more democratic, equitable, and just university structure. To achieve this, we need to incorporate all of our voices and stories.

We are centering the voices of students and workers. Take action now.

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We invite testimonials from graduate and undergraduate students who may be concerned about budget cuts, funding, safety, housing, food security, protecting international students, racism, police presence, reopening in the fall, and other related struggles.

During our Reverse Town Hall event on July 14, we will review and share stories. Following the event, we will share stories on our blog.

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Make your voice heard online by Tweeting using #sharedUConn and tagging us at @SharedUConn.

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You can also contact your state reps at this link if you live in Connecticut.

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In proposing case-by-case responses, the administration is rhetorically minimizing the structural and institutional problems that are at the root of our concerns. We are not facing a pandemic of individual shortcomings. We are not in precarity because we do not work hard enough or are not talented enough. We are in precarity because, in the middle of a global pandemic and economic recession, we study and work at a university that fetishizes the bottom line and treats students and workers as expendable.

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